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UPS | MP9110S/10KVA/9KW


  • Extension Battery Pack
  • EMI Filter and Cold Start
  • Wide input voltage range
  • UPS startup without battery
  • LCD & load capacity display
  • Lightning & Surge protection
  • Advanced Battery Management
  • Fully digitized microprocessor control
  • Fan speed auto control when load varies
  • Advanced battery charge in UPS OFF Mode
  • Smart RS232 Communication with monitoring software
  • High Frequency and Double conversion online technology
  • Capacity (Standard Unit) 8.2AH/12V*20PCS 
  • Charging current 1A, 1-10A settable according to battery installed
  • Phase 1/1
  • Optimization battery group, the quantity of battery: 16/18/20 pieces (settable)

Designed by Mercury & Developed by Nexevo Technologies